Escape2Sport is a marketing company specialising in digital interaction for sports clubs. The company specialises in designs customised to enhance supporter experience; including mobile apps, loyalty programs, and social media engagement.

Escape2Sport’s flagship design is the mobile App “Number1Fan”. This App is fully integrated with all leading social media platforms with club-specific information and interaction. To find out more about the success of the Number1Fan App click here.


No 1 FanNumber1Fan is an interactive fan-focused game optimised for IOS and Android mobile devices. It is a fun, prediction based game, allowing for friendly competition to determine the club’s Number1Fan.

The In-App competition runs throughout the club season with games on match days as well as additional bonus games.

For the Club

The Number1Fan App allows for constant fan engagement and facilitates the conversion of passive fans into active fans; both on and off the App. It increases social media involvement and encourages interaction between fans; and between the club and its fans.


Number1Fan allows fans to be both spectators and players during their favorite sporting events.From the side-line or the sofa, fans can play the interactive game in real time. The App is easy to understand, designed with the user experience in mind and have minimal registration requirements, without compromising security or personal information. The In-App competition is based on prestige, with an objective of identifying the club’s Number1Fan.

Prizes vary and are chosen in line with the club’s choice, and glory, in mind.